Instagram may allow users to Follow Hashtags

By Shar Martinez

Major social media network, Instagram could soon allow users to follow hashtags. If you’re not currently using Instagram as a marketing tool, you should really consider doing so.


Instagram is currently testing an option to follow hashtags. This is great for keeping up with #trendingtopics.

With over 800 million active monthly users, paired with the Instagram for Business tool this function may help increase customer-client engagement. Whenever a user searches for or clicks on a hashtag, every post that includes that hashtag will show up. The most ‘liked’ posts will remain at the top of the feed that includes all of the recent posts. Hashtags are very valuable for the fact that they can expose your message to people who are looking for something very specific. This is where using keywords that are related to your brand really comes in handy.

This will also help users to have a better experience with this app as they may begin to use it more to keep up with the latest news and updates even if the people they follow aren’t active.

Hashtags are quickly becoming a key component to modern life and could undoubtedly help businesses keep up with the interests of their target audience.

The amount of users who have access to this test feature is unknown. As this is only a test, Instagram declined to say more about it. However, it’s very likely that this will become a permanent feature.

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