Short version:
I’m Shar, and I’ve been writing and editing a little bit of everything for 7+ years now. Hire me. 🙂

Extended version:
I’m Shar, a freelancer who specializes in web content development with elite skills in writing and editing. I absolutely love what I do! Experienced in numerous writing styles, including conversational, academic and professional, as well as product reviews and fictional pieces, I can help you to express yourself in a way that will explain to your clients exactly what you have to offer.


As your professional freelance writer and editor, I will deliver exceptional service solutions that will satisfy your needs.

Why should you choose me to carry out your needs? I’m a US-based, native English speaker who has been writing for content agencies and private clients for quite sometime now. My articles are easy to digest and they engage the average reader. My writing is profitable, not only to me but to my clients as well.

As a web content writer, I understand that the goal of many clients is to crush their competition in terms of search engine rankings (I’ve studied and understand the Google updates and algorithms). You need content that is unique, original and relevant. I can guarantee you highly researched, well written articles that will exceed your expectations in a timely manner.

My Personal Freelance Journey…

My freelance writing career begin in 2011 whenever I created my first public personal blog and started sending submissions out to online magazines. Shortly after, I was contacted by Hot Snakes Media for the fact they loved my relatable blog content so much that I was considered to be on a television show. There we’re unforeseen problems with production and it didn’t go through.

However, my dream of being a professional freelance writer and editor were just beginning! Eager to hone and showcase my skills, I started looking for writing and editing gigs all over America, and even in places such as Australia and India, too. Writing for content agencies based in other parts of the world really helped me to produce pristine content with a quick turnaround time. I also became very familiar with being in front of my laptop screen during very late and early hours 😉 in order to be able to meet foreign deadlines.

During that time, I started ghostwriting for several, various content agencies and private clients.

Moreover, I reached out to a small publishing company to become an editorial assistant and my resume` was graciously accepted. This led me to be able to edit my first book (with credit!), for a published author.

I then pursued things of my own such as writing, editing and self-publishing two ebooks (updated 2nd edition copies will be available soon), as well as accepting lengthy manuscripts to assist others in their dream of becoming published authors.

I’m Very Passionate…

Over the years, I’ve attended numerous workshops and webinars to educate myself on SEO and digital marketing, pursued writing and editorial internships, signed up for a great deal of online courses and read an immense amount of articles and books related to my field of work in an effort to sharpen my skills as a writer and editor. I continue to do so everyday.

I am very passionate about what I do!

Whenever I’m not writing or reading, I enjoy spending time with my hot hubby, and our family (always), watching Harry Potter marathons and playing with SnapChat filters. 🙂