MatchRate PLUS Overview

By Shar Martinez

MatchRate PLUS is a great company that offers a new, innovative and patent pending credit card processing program that allows business owners to become their own referral agent on their merchant account. There is no other merchant account company or credit card processing company that has this available. However, keep in mind that this offer is patent-pending. MatchRate PLUS is powered and supported by one of the nation’s top service providers, North American Bancard (NAB).


Referral Agent program:
You could easily earn income when you refer merchant account leads through the referral agent program. It’s simple to become a MatchRate PLUS referral agent; you can register online for free in just a matter of minutes. On your journey as a referral agent you will submit leads from merchant accounts that are interested in MatchRate PLUS. Submitting leads is easy MatchRate PLUS provides you with a personal back office portal to submit qualified leads. You will receive a one-time $50.00 bonus for each lead you submit that becomes and activated MatchRate PLUS account, in addition to a monthly residual commission of 5 percent to 17.5 percent for the life of the account.

Features and Benefits:
A $50.00 acquisition bonus and a percentage of the account are just a few of the benefits that you’ll get with this amazing referral agent program. When you signup to become a referral agent you’ll also be provided with weekly training webinars, these webinars will show you how to generate and submit qualified leads. Furthermore, MatchRate PLUS also tracks all of your referred leads and commissions for you, so you’ll always be able to keep up with them through a computer database.

Even More:
You will also receive a 10 percent performance bonus for every agent that you personally refer. This bonus is calculated as 10 percent times their total earnings for the month. This is an amazing way to increase your increase. Even more, you will receive a 7.5 percent commission on referred accounts within your referral agent organization that are coded to you Pay Grade 2. You’ll receive a 5 percent commission on referred accounts that are coded to you Pay Grade 3.

When your qualified submitted merchant account leads reach three, they are coded to you as pay grade 1 and 2. Pay grade two ranges from 3 merchant accounts up to 50 merchant accounts. When the number of qualified merchant accounts that you have submitted is reaches fifty-one and on, you are coded as Pay Grade 1, 2 and 3. You’ll receive the monthly residual commission of 5 percent to 17 percent previously mentioned, by the overrides on coded accounts.

Overall, enrolling as an agent is a great way to receive residual income. It’s easy and takes only a few minutes to register. You don’t have to pay any kind of enrollment fee. You’ll get $50.00 per activated account plus monthly commissions for the life of the account in addition to the many more benefits and features that are available through MatchRate PLUS. If you’re a merchant, joining MatchRate PLUS may be very beneficial for both you and your business.

Pop Up Domination Overview

Finding an opt-in program that actually works and that is cost-effective is nearly impossible. Have you heard of Popup Domination?

Popup Domination is a great way to increase your web subscribers which in turn will increase both your site traffic and revenue. Popup Domination is an email opt-in WordPress plugin that will allow you to take your email promotions to a much higher level. When visiting your site, your visitors are immediately welcomed with a beautiful light box popup containing profitable information pertaining to your site that will aide you in building a huge mailing list. These popups can contain anything from ordering your latest e-book to signing up for a trial offer, ultimately building your list and earnings. Popup Domination’s light boxes are simple, clean cut designs that will give your site the professional look that you desire. Thousands of individuals and industries are using Popup Domination to earn more revenue. Popup domination is also used by many well-known bloggers to increase their opt-in conversion. There is no other available web tool that can increase your subscribers as immensely as the Popup Domination software will. Many people have the perception that building a list to market to be challenging but with this opt-in program it’s anything but challenging, it’s fairly easy.

Popup Domination has many amazing things to offer you. They have several features that are geared toward helping you obtain more subscribers. You get a WordPress Plugin and stand-alone version, so even if WordPress isn’t your web platform, Popup Domination will work with your site. It has seven themes that have been beautifully designed along with fifteen color selections to choose from; allowing you to match your light box to the style of your website. All of the themes are fully customizable. This brilliant program works with all mailing list providers, even custom systems so that you’ll always be able to build up your list. It works with all caching software as well. Popup Domination has an exit Popup functionality which is very significant. It comes with complete statistical data and so much more. If you really want to increase your subscribers and earn more profits then this package is absolutely perfect for you.

At the moment, Popup Domination is actually discounting their package by 80 percent so that you only have to pay a total of forty-seven dollars for this extremely profitable software. This is a great deal and it will not last long so you should make full use of this offer and act upon now. By getting Popup Domination, not only will you get a discount, many amazing features, earn more subscribers and revenue but you’ll also get an email domination system bonus and the Photoshop PSD files for all of the high converting themes designed for ultimate flexibility upon purchase and download. Popup Domination offers a 60 day 100 percent money back guarantee. If by some highly unlikely chance that you don’t like this program or benefit from it, they will give you all of your money back without any difficulties. Popup domination also has an affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions by simply promoting their software.

The Popup Domination software is easy and quick to set up. It’s just like any other WordPress plugin when it comes to installation, so you don’t have to be an expert when it comes to design and coding by any means. However, along with all of those great features that you’ll get upon purchase, they even give you a video that shows you how to both install and use the software. The video is given to you for free and includes a step-by-step guide that shows you how to maximize your profits. The team behind Popup Domination actually cares about you and your success. They have a support system which is available through their site to answer any questions that you may have. This isn’t one of those programs where the company just ‘takes your money and runs’– if it was Popup Domination would not offer discounts or give you a 100 percent money back guarantee, let alone provide customer support! But there’s even better news, Popup Domination is currently offering a 7 day money back guarantee if you use their program for 7 consecutive days and don’t see a double in your subscribers at the end of the seventh day; they will refund all your money right then and allow you to keep the helpful video which is worth two-hundred dollars.

Overall, Popup Domination is an exceedingly effective program that is reasonably priced, with many amazing features that will help you earn more profits the day that you install it. This product is definitely worth over a thousand dollars when it comes to terms of value, so whether you think that forty-seven dollars is reasonable or not, by purchasing Popup Domination you are actually investing thousands of dollars into your business. If you are a true Internet marketer, you should know that this will pay off greatly. It doesn’t matter what the content of your website contains, if you are trying to market something then this brilliant software will benefit you immensely. There are no other popup plugins that are as cost effective and have as many features to offer as Popup Domination does. This program has been proven to be effective numerous times.

Your web visitors will not feel like they are getting Internet spam when they see your popup. Popup Domination works really well and gives your website a professional polished look. It’s fully customizable so that it will fit the needs of your website and it’s very simple to use. Popup Domination is a significant essential when it comes to Internet marketing. Your subscriber list is guaranteed to dramatically increase with Popup Domination. Keep in mind that there is a money back guarantee so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose! There is no risk of any kind involved. Boost your subscribers and sales, purchase Popup Domination now!

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