Instagram may allow users to Follow Hashtags

By Shar Martinez

Major social media network, Instagram could soon allow users to follow hashtags. If you’re not currently using Instagram as a marketing tool, you should really consider doing so.


Instagram is currently testing an option to follow hashtags. This is great for keeping up with #trendingtopics.

With over 800 million active monthly users, paired with the Instagram for Business tool this function may help increase customer-client engagement. Whenever a user searches for or clicks on a hashtag, every post that includes that hashtag will show up. The most ‘liked’ posts will remain at the top of the feed that includes all of the recent posts. Hashtags are very valuable for the fact that they can expose your message to people who are looking for something very specific. This is where using keywords that are related to your brand really comes in handy.

This will also help users to have a better experience with this app as they may begin to use it more to keep up with the latest news and updates even if the people they follow aren’t active.

Hashtags are quickly becoming a key component to modern life and could undoubtedly help businesses keep up with the interests of their target audience.

The amount of users who have access to this test feature is unknown. As this is only a test, Instagram declined to say more about it. However, it’s very likely that this will become a permanent feature.

Chrome’s Fighting Back Against Irritating Website Directs

By Shar Martinez

Bait and switch tactics are coming to an end.

For those of you who submit feedback to Chrome about unwanted content, I have great news. It’s paid off! On Wednesday, Product Manager, Ryan Schoen announced that Chrome will be providing new security featuresimg_5342

Redirects are the absolute worst. However, many times the site owner is unaware as they intend for it to happen at all. When this happens it results in frustration (on both ends, the client and the seller) and a diminish in sales and views. Google has recently discovered that this is caused by third-party content that has been embedded in the page, unbeknownst to the author. As a preventative tactic, in the Chrome 64 update, redirects show in the info bar to keep the user on the page they were already browsing– unless they have any interaction with it.

Have you ever used a site’s navigation bar to read more information about but the link led you to an entirely different unwarranted site? We all have at some point or another. Similar to some of the features in Google Chrome’s Clean Up Tool, in Chrome 65 users will have an info bar to prevent redirects such as these. This will allow the viewer to continue directly to their intended destination.

Furthermore, there’s other types of web trickery that sends users to unwanted pages, but they are hard to immediately pinpoint. These are controls that resemble play buttons and other gadgets that lead to third-party websites that detect clicks and automatically opens a new tab.

Starting next year, January to be exact, Chrome’s Pop Up Blocker will stop sites that contain such content from opening new tabs or windows.

To help site owners prepare for this change, Google has launched the Abusive Experiences Report in addition to similar reports that are in the Google Search Console.

This will also help to put an end to sketchy sites that provide fake Chrome extensions.

Whether you’re a site owner who sells products or services, or someone who enjoys surfing the web this update will dramatically improve everyone’s web experience.